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Manzanillo is not the typical seaside resort town. There is a mix of resort luxury, bustling commercialism, and undeveloped remoteness. Manzanillo is known for and divided into two distinct areas.

The downtown area is first and foremost a commercial port. It is the country's door to trade with the Pacific Rim, which handles large shipments of industrial and agricultural output. Then just up the coastline is the wonderfully understated resort zone. This consists of two large bays of golden sand and sometimes rough surf that are connected by a highway that goes past mini-malls, souvenir shops, restaurants and a few night spots.

The surrounding areas are also destinations in themselves. There is the well known area of Barra de Navidad to wander around and explore and the capital city of Colima is not to be missed. This city offers fine cultural attractions, archaeological sites and large forested areas.