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Isla Mujeres



Isla Mujeres is a eight kilometer long by one half kilometer wide wisp of an island. It sits just 6 km off the coast to the northeast of Cancun. This is a perfect destination for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Cancun and go back to the days before Cancun even existed.

It is a showcase for flora and fauna and the home to many species of Caribbean birds and reptiles. Green vegetation and saltwater ponds cover the island and the sandy beaches rim the island's leeward side. The town is home to simple shops, a few restaurants and bars, several brightly painted homes and the Plaza Municipal.

The atmosphere here is very relaxed and unpretentious. South of town the island's only road skirts the western coast past mangrove lagoons before looping northbound. The whole trip only takes about 20 minutes and you can easily get around in a taxi, moped or golf cart.

Most of Isla's residents still live from diving and fishing and make very hospitable hosts for both day tripper and overnight guests.